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Dariusz Czylok

Central Sales Functions Medical, Pharma & Food Gases

Regulatory Affairs Manager Pharma & Food

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Gases for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaline – our range of gases for the pharmaceutical industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, along with our process gases, we provide extensive application expertise and the necessary valves and fittings or gas supply systems. And where the demand is especially high, we also offer an on-site unit, i.e. a plant to produce gases at the location where they are needed. Messer has taken all of its process gases used as process aids or inactive ingredients and grouped them together under the name Pharmaline.

Unlike medicinal products and active substances, there are no binding GMP guidelines for process gases. For this reason, Messer leans the production of its Pharmaline gases on the latest IPEC1 guidelines and EXCiPACTTM 2 standards. Based on those requirements, we operate a Quality Management system that takes the special characteristics of the process gases into account.

Pharmaline gases:

  • Pharmaline A:
    Argon (Ar), e.g. for inertisation
  • Pharmaline C:
    Carbon dioxide (CO2), for various applications, including the production of drugs in powder form
  • Pharmaline N:
    Nitrogen (N2), used, for example, in packaging under inert gas atmosphere


What Pharmaline offers:

  • Quality management based on ISO 9001 and leant on the EXCiPACTTM standards 
  • Process specifications in conformance with the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia 
  • Risk-based approach
  • Batch production 
  • Tamper-proof seals for greater product safety
  • Full traceability of all product batches
  • Continuous control and optimisation of both quality management and products

Feel free to contact us!

If you have any questions regarding Pharmaline or should you wish to consult with our application experts in person, please do not hesitate to contact us.


1 IPEC – International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council, The Joint Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients, 2017.

2 EXCiPACTTM - a voluntary international certification scheme, Certification Standards for Pharmaceutical Excipient Suppliers, 2017.